About Veqa

Veqa is a PHP software developer of online image manipulation solutions for getting images on the fly. Our products: Veqa ImageFly, Veqa Image Resizer, Veqa Image Marker and Veqa Image Effects. As a business, our ideal goal has been focused on building more efficient and intelligent technology to the Web in the inevitable path of innovation. By connecting the dots of the old, we will seek to find another new and better.

Behind the VEQA name

Named after Vega, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation and Summer Triangle. The star is known to be twice as massive as the Sun and has been treated as a primary standard for other stars in the science of astronomy. The Q stands for heat as a symbol in physics, defined as energy in transit. We like to emphasize on that process in our business of solutions supplied to users in the way of our passion to advance, and a bind of that energy to you.